when life gave us lemons, we made pierogies

we’re melissa & cheylene, and together we started eleventh + main.

our passion for pierogies was born in the midst of the pandemic when vancouver went into lockdown. having both lost our jobs in the restaurant industry, we, (like so many others), started spending more time in our own kitchen. but instead of following the breadmaking craze, we turned to another comfort food – pierogies!

what started as a simple goal of re-creating mel’s grandma’s perfected family recipe soon became a business – selling to friends and family who couldn’t get enough. with a growing demand, we decided to go all-in, expanding the business to what it is today. our recipes are created by combining mel’s traditional ukrainian family recipes and chey’s background in culinary arts. named after the intersection of the apartment where we created our first batches, eleventh + main is where we turned a tough situation into a doughy little dream job.


have questions about our pierogies? reach out!